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Top UX School

Degreeless Design

A hands-on guide to learning User Experience Design

Intro to Data-Driven UX

What are some UX-related education programs in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Online UX Courses

UX Courses

Introduction to Human-Centered Design

So you want to get a degree in UX — What’s next?

“Which UX education program is right for me?”

How To Make The Most Out Of Your UX Design College Experience

University of California San Diego — Interaction Design Specialization (Coursera)

University of Michigan — UX Research & Design (EdX) Micromasters

Udacity — Human-Computer Interaction by Georgia Tech–ud400

Udacity — Intro to the Design of Everyday Things–design101

Coursera — Georgia Institute of Technology — Introduction to User Experience Design

Udacity: Product Design by Google–ud509

Coursera — User Interface Design — University of Minnesota

Udacity: UX Design for Mobile Developers by Google–ud849

EdX: User Experience (UX) Design: Human Factors and Culture in Design

Udacity — Web Accessibility–ud891

Class Central – Free Online Courses in HCI

UX Degrees – A Global List of UX-related Bachelor & Master Degrees

Master the UX Interview

The UX Academy

Professional Diploma in UX Design

50 YouTube Channels For Learning Design

UI Recipes – Learn UI Design in 15 Minutes a Week

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