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Here you will see articles related to UI/Visual design. If you have any suggestion on this topic (article, website or want to start a conversation), please feel free to comment below.

The Building Blocks of Visual Design

Pixel Density, Demystified

Designer’s guide to DPI

Lean and Mean: Power of Minimalism in UI Design

Why Visual Design Is More Than Meets the Eye

Negative Space in UI Design: Tips and Best Practices

The Power Of Whitespace

The power of white space

Negative Space is an Important Design Tool: Here’s Why

Effective Use of Negative Space in Web Design

Visual Hierarchy: How to Organize UI Content

Beautiful and functional interfaces

User Interfaces In Business Web Application Design

UI Design: How Golden Ratio Works in User Interfaces

Bidirectional Scrolling is here to save Responsive Design

How to get users hooked on your interfaces

Designing a VUI — Voice User Interface

How To Design Emotional Interfaces For Boring Apps

Building Fluid Interfaces

A fish in your ear

Dark Side of UI: When Dark Is Good for Users

Autonomous adaptation of user interfaces

The evolution of visual design

Before you can master design, you must first master the fundamentals

Beyond the interface



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