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Here you will see articles related to standardization. If you have any suggestion on this topic (article, website or want to start a conversation), please feel free to comment below.

How to improve UX of web forms

Designing notifications for apps

Web standards project

Improving the usability of multi-selecting from a long list

Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Dropdowns: When to use what?

Radio Buttons UX Design

Dropdown vs radio button

Radio Buttons vs Dropdown Lists: 9 Questions to Help You Choose

Radio button versus dropdown questions

Hacking user perception to make your websites and apps feel faster

On Designing and Building Toggle Switches

Design Better Forms

Fostering focus for small screens

The UX behind designing better forms

What Should Designers Know About Universal App?

The Adaptive Model

Breadcrumbs In Web Design: Examples And Best Practices

Website Navigation – Planning And Implementing

Designing Drop-Down Menus: Examples and Best Practices

Articles About Buttons

Against UI standardization

The Need for Web Design Standards

Standardized design patterns for UI?

Toggle-Switch Guidelines

Improving the usability of multi-selecting from a long list

Seven Basic Rules for Button Design

Tilda Publishing Blog – Common webpage design mistakes

Designing Charts — Principles Every Designer Should Know (Part 1)

Designing Charts — Principles Every Designer Should Know (Part 2)

Checkbox vs Toggle Switch

Mobile Form Usability

UX Guidelines for Ecommerce Homepages, Category Pages, and Product Listing Pages

Simple Rules for Designing Web & Mobile Forms

Best Practices For Mobile Form Design

Carousel/slider design best practices

Call to Action Buttons: Examples and Best Practices

Pop-up, popover or popper? — a quick look into UI terms


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