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Here you will see articles related to dark patterns. I am also listing websites which are showcasing dark patterns. If you have any suggestion on this topic (article, website or want to start a conversation), please feel free to comment below.


WTF is dark pattern design?

Dark patterns – designs that pull evil tricks on our brains

Using Dark Patterns for Good

Dark Patterns: inside the interfaces designed to trick you

Dark Pattern Design — It’s Downright Unethical & Irresponsible

Everything You Need to Know About Dark Patterns

Dark patterns: submission by design?

Dark UX Patterns in Advertising

Dark Patterns And Other Design No-Nos For Mobile

5 common UX dark patterns and user-friendly alternatives

What are Dark Patterns? Three more damnable examples

Now you see it: dark patterns in web design



Dark Patterns Showcase

Dark Patterns

Amazon dark patterns

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